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Hello fellow Travelers of Middle-Earth. 

Let it be here that we, members and friends of ToME, come together as a united fold to discuss business for the good of our order, share stories of our travels and the wisdom from them.

Those that are within or are familiar with ToME know a few things about our motivations and charges:

-  No drama.  There is no place for drama within our fold as it reduces enjoyment.  No issue is serious enough within our group that drama needs to result

-  No restrictions.  The only thing we seek is mature and respectful game play.  TME is not concerned with our numbers, class restrictions, race restrictions, profession, age, play time or play tendencies.  You play what you want, how you want and when you want without apology

-  If you are a member of ToME we hope you will help out your fellow brother and sisters when needed or asked if possible.  Being that most found TME from similar desires, we have a common thread that binds us.  Expectation of help should never be the focus, but appreciation of help is encouraged.

-   It is not expected that ToME members will freely share goods, services, materials, etc., but it is nice to offer when you are able to for the good of your brother and sisters.  Gold can be a valuable commodity and there are times when it may not be in the best interest of a player to freely give, but when possible, it is encouraged.  There is no expectation in this area other than consideration.

-  Above all else, we value maturity and respect at all levels.  Primarily, this charge is what led to the creation of TME and our foremost desire.  Whether solo by nature or fellowship, let us respect the wishes of each other, our differences and desires for game play.

-  Respectful use of kinship housing and group resources. 

-  TME has not formal leadership council, events, or other hierarchy for the development, termination or approval of players.  Nubbinn as leader of TME and the "Officers" are veteran members of the Kinship in order to promote and carry out business of our kin as needed ... such as paying forward kinship house maintenance, inviting new members and otherwise being a "go to" person as needed (as something things can only be done via "officer" level or above)

-  Most of all, Fun!  ToME was created to increase the level of fun within the game.  Through the establishment of relationships in-game, more fun can be the by product ... lengthening the game play experience and long term enjoyment.  By investing in a like-minded group, the depth of experience is greater.

Safe travels to all!


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